Great Theft Auto IV Review

Great Theft Auto IV PC Game

GTA games in one excellent package. I have owned this particular game since the day this came out and I still play it on a regular basis. The video games are blast to play again and again as well as just messing around viewing what crazy mayhem you are able to create next. GTA 3 is probably my favourite of the 2 but GTA Vice Town is great too. Another great point about the Xbox versions is they have improved graphics as well as effects that the PS2 variations did not. The load times will also be much improved as well.

The only real problem that I can find is the fact that sometimes there is a bit of collapse in certain parts and you can observe that the games would appear much better if designed from the beginning up for the Xbox. Anyhow this is a great collection really worth getting if you have never performed or owned these amazing games before. If you already personal both on the PS2, that probably isn’t worth purchasing again but the faster masse times and improved images are a nice bonus.

The very best of the best! Grand Theft Car has always been a hit on PS2 which includes GTA 1, two, 3 and Vice Metropolis. Now Rock star offers decided that the hit collection will make it onto Xbox 360. YES! This package includes Grand Theft Auto three and Grand Theft Automobile Vice City and they are each games that cannot be skipped!


The graphics within GTA are superb. And better is that they are Xbox 360 system enhanced making the graphics better still than the ones in the PS2 version. The character models tend to be pretty good, not the best, but nevertheless very good. The only thing in terms of visuals that might need a little bit of focus on before GTA San Andreas comes out for Xbox may be the actual background animation. However other than that, the graphics great!


Great Theft Auto Game

The event is probably the greatest aspect of the entire game! The actual controls are fairly easy to obtain used to and there is so much that you could actually do! From random shootings, to cop chases/fights, in order to even playing basketball! Do I mention, maybe which not suitable for a review! In order to wrap the game play function up, it is definitely one of the greatest out of all the Xbox games and adds more towards the reasons why you should definitely pick this up from the shelves.


The soundtrack in GTA is also great. With tracks with rock/rage rock concept to them, this feature has you sitting down listening to the music instead of actually playing the game! The sole problem with this game is the fact there is no online support that i thought was a real bummer.

I first got into GTA III when my brother ordered for his PS2. We have an Xbox, so you think of my dismay when it was not out on it. Then, the actual Double Pack became provided by both GTA III and also Vice City. Both of these online games are great. They both may use your original soundtracks when you’ve downloaded them on your Console. So , that is a major in addition, but the soundtracks on them not necessarily bad, either.

I prefer Vice City over GTA III, but they are equally as enjoyable. Yes, this game is extremely gory and violent, however that’s the beauty of it. They are rated Mature for any reason. Parents are ridiculous for buying the game for their 10-year-olds. The GTA series has a tendency to draw a lot of unwanted interest, but that just increases the popularity of the game.

In 2006, Xbox will receive the “watered-down” version of San Andreas, which will suck because I use played the PS2 edition and it is really strong. However don’t let the bad press dissuade you from buying this Dual Pack.

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